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When Everything Is At Stake

Tolbert LawFamily law matters can be some of the most stressful you may encounter, because the stakes are high. Your family is the most important thing, and you must protect it. When you are facing a situation like divorce, division of child custody or determination of child support, there can be incredible pressure on you to find the right solution, because it will impact your family for a long time. It can feel isolating, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and yours alone.

However, it does not have to be that way. At Tolbert Law, we believe in justice, and that means helping you make the right decision for your family, as well as helping you implement it.

Do What's Right For Your Family

At Tolbert Law, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for each and every client. We offer a full range of family law services, and have helped clients with matters, including:

  • Divorce. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we can help make the process as seamless as possible.
  • Division of marital assets. Under Texas law, you have a right to protect the assets you have built throughout your marriage. A skilled attorney can ensure that you receive the right proportion.
  • Spousal support, alimony and child support. Whether you are the partner seeking payment or the partner who would pay, we can help you protect your interests.
  • Child custody. This is often one of the first questions raised during a divorce. You have parental rights. You deserve access to your children, and we may be able to help ensure that you get it.
  • Adoption. If you are adding a new member to your family or formalizing a relationship through adoption, you should be sure to do it correctly to avoid trouble later. Our team will bring skill and experience to your situation.

No matter your needs, we offer accessible, high-quality legal services to meet them.

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Doing what is right for your family does not have to be a source of stress. Our team can help. To discuss your situation with a lawyer, call our Austin office at 512-474-2355 or our Ft. Worth Office at 817-502-1506.

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